Scout Uniform

Scouts Canada is a uniformed organization. The uniform helps build a feeling of belonging, pride and self-discipline.

A full and complete uniform is expected for all activities. However, at the Scout level there are two types of uniforms that are worn for different events. There is the Activity Uniform and the Formal Uniform. Now when do you were each uniform?

Activity Uniform

The activity uniform consists of a Scout t-shirt and your necker. The necker is the same one so that is easy. The t-shirt is the Scouts Canada t-shirt available at Scout House. There are three colours: grey, orange, and green. You get to choose which colour you wish to wear. When this option first came out the Scouts choose grey, so most of the Scouts will probably have grey, but the orange and green shirts have been starting to make appearances. So which ever you like will work. There is usually a sale at Scout House that you can get a combination of shirts at a discount.


Formal Uniform

Formal Uniform


The formal uniform is similar to the Cub and Leader uniforms. It consists of the tan shirt, a sash, and a necker. The tan shirt is the same shirt that Cubs and Leaders wear. It contains all the identifying badges/patches that tell others where you, as a Scout, come from:



The organization we belong to (World Organization of the Scout Movement)    World Scout Badge
Our country (Canada)    Scouts Canada strip
Our province (Ontario)    Ontario Badge
The council (Tri Shores)   
The area (London)    London Area badge
and finally our group (68th London)   


Some of the badges will already be on your shirt (The World and Canada badges). Those that don’t come with your shirt will be provided. Where to sew on the badges can be seen below and is identified in the Scout Hand Book.


In additional to the badges, you will wear epaulettes on your shoulders to let everyone that you are a Scout. Scout Epaulette Epaulettes will be given during your investiture to indicate that you have been invested as a Scout and reached the level of Pioneer Scout. Epaulettes are also used to indicate if you are a Patrol Leader Epaulette Patrol Leader or Cub Epaulette Assistant Patrol Leader.


The Necker

Group NeckerThe necker is the same as is worn by everyone in Scouts, whether they are wearing the formal or activity uniforms. It is the easiest way to tell which Scout Troop (or Group) you belong to. Ours is green with a yellow trim.

Scout Woggle The standard way of attaching it is with the Scout woggle, or for more active occasions a well-tied reef knot. The necker and the first woggle will be provided. Later, you may want to create your own personalized woggle.


The Sash

Scout SashThe Scout sash is red, like the Cub sash, but it now has green trim. If you were a Cub, you can transfer a number of badges from your Cub sash to your Scout sash, check out your Scout Hand Book to see which badges are transfered and were they go.


Link Badges

At the Scout level, there are two link badges that you might qualify for: the Beaver-Cub Link Badge, and the Cub-Scout Link Badge. These badges are given to members who have moved up from the different sections in Scouting.

The Beaver-Cub Link Badge Beaver Cub Link Badge is worn if you 'swum up' from Beavers to Cubs and the Cub-Scout Link Badge Scout Cub Link Badge is worn if you 'ran up' from Cubs to Scouts. Both badges can be worn on the Scout uniform. These badges go at the top of your sash. Check you Scout Hand Book for the exact placement of these badges on your uniform.

Cub Activity Awards

If you were a Wolf Cub, you may have earned some or all of the Cub Activity Awards.

These awards can be carried over to your Scout sash and are replaced by the Scout Activity Awards. When you move up, you can transfer the badges to your Scout sash just below your Link Badge. Check you Scout Hand Book for the exact placement of these badges on your uniform.


If you want, you can purchase the optional Scout belt and buckle from the Scout Shop. The belt is green and the buckle has the Scout logo. All members of Scouts, from Beavers to Leaders wear the same buckle, the only thing that changes as you move through Scouting is the colour of the belt. The belt shown is non-section belt. Also available are the navy pants, in regular style and cargo zip-off style, and navy shorts.


Scout Uniform

When do you wear the Formal Uniform or the Activity Uniform

The formal uniform can be worn at any event. It is expected at formal meetings, these occur about once a month. They are when you will receive badges and awards that you have earned. It is also worn at more formal events, such as BP Sunday and fundraising events.

The activity uniform is generally worn at most meetings. It is also worn at camps and on hikes.

The Scouters will help you decide which uniform choice is appropriate for a particular event.